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Ken and I were introduced to the golden retriever breed in January 1992 when we met our friend's young golden retriever, Ben. Ben was a typical golden who came up to us with a smile on his face, his tail wagging, and before I knew what happened he was in my lap and giving me kisses! I immediately fell in love! After meeting Ben, Ken and I knew we had to have a golden retriever.

It took nine months searching for the right breeder, when we finally found Shirley Shipp of Casadeloro Golden Retrievers in Concord, California. (We lived in CA at that time.)

The puppies were born on November 12, 1992. Eight weeks later we brought home our 10-pound ball of fluff, named him Seamus (we pronounced his name Shamus), and chose Casadeloro's John Jameison for his AKC registered name.

Little did we know how profoundly Seamus would changes our lives. He was the most loving, friendly, and comical being we had ever known. He charmed us into the wonderful world of golden retrievers and we have been dedicated to the breed ever since.
January 1994
Seamus and Jennifer at the beach in Santa Cruz, CA - 1994

Our Goldens are house dogs and members of our family. Once we bring a puppy into our home, that puppy does not leave. Therefore, so we don't get "over dogged, " we only keep on average 3 goldens at a time. The most we have ever had was 5. Because of this, we rarely breed. We only breed when we have a good reason, such as when we want to keep a puppy or give a puppy back to the breeder.

Throughout the years we have put multiple AKC and GRCA titles on our Goldens, including, Champions, Companion Dogs, Companion Dog Excellent, Junior Hunter, Novice Agility Preferred, Novice Jumpers with Weaves Preferred, Working Certificate, Certificate of Conformation Assessment and Canine Good Citizens.