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Casadeloro's John Jameison CD CGC
seamus and kim photo

Born: 11/12/1992

Breeder: Shirley Shipp

Casadeloro Goldens in Concord, CA

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Below is a brief look into the life of our first Golden Retriever, Seamus. Never has any being influenced and dramatically changed our lives as much as bringing Seamus into our family. He was 13 years old, still made us laugh and continued to teach us not to take life so seriously...Seamus were are the best! Letting you go was the hardest thing we ever done. I know you are in a better place and free of pain...We love and miss you every day...
November/December 1992
Seamus's momma, Vicky, and his littermates
seamus as a puppy with his momma and littermates
Seamus with his stuffed puppy

puppy seamus with his stuffed puppy
December 1992
8 weeks old and meeting our cat, Schatzie
seamus 8 weeks old
seamus and our cat schatzie
seamus with schatzie
February 6, 1993.
My roommates from college had a puppy shower for me.
Left to right is, Denise, me, Seamus and Kim.

The photo to the right is Kim teaching Seamus to play tug.
That became Seamus' favorite game.
seamus and roommates denise and kim
kim teaching seamus to play tug
Our dog was not going to be allowed on the furniture/bed/etc...
Well... You can see how long that lasted!
seamus on the bed
seamus on the couch
seamus in the hot tub with ken
Fall 1993 - Beach time in Santa Cruz California!
One of Seamus's favorite places to relax and have fun!
seamus and jen at the beach in santa cruz ca
jen and seamus at the beach in santa cruz ca
Puppy Love
One of Seamus' many nicknames was, "the gentle giant," because despite his size, he was so gentle with puppies babies, elderly and anyone he sensed was frail.
seamus playing rope with puppy ciara
seamus with puppy kim
October 1997
Seamus earned his Companion Dog Title (CD)
Del Valle KC in Pleasanton, CA
Judge: Ms. Michele R. Engen
Thank you Jackie Earnshaw of Sit Spot Dog Training
for training and handling Seamus to his CD Title!
seamus earning his cd title with jackie
November 2003
Ken and Seamus cruising downtown Hendersonville, NC
seamus and ken downtown hendersonville nc