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K-Jen's Wilbur The Won N Only CCA

k-jen's wilbur the won n only cca

Born: 5/12/2009

Breeders: Jennifer Workman

K-Jen Goldens in Asheville, NC

Pedigree Link

Wilbur was our 2nd try breeding Kim to Zoom, but "mother nature" did not like that combination. Kim had only one puppy again. Since we already had Tulley who had the same pedigree, I thought we should place Wilbur, but Ken fell immediately in love with him, so Wilbur stayed.
When Wilbur came along, I was already showing Tulley, so I had Leslie Racine and Chris Racine show Wilbur. He played in the puppy conformation classes, but decided he'd rather be home with Ken. Wilbur became Ken's buddy and walking partner.

Wilbur Memories

ken holding wilbur
Ken holding Wilbur as a newborn puppy
Leslie showing wilbur
Supported entry 9-12 class
Handler Leslie Racine
wilbur and chris
Supported entry 1st place in 9-12 class
Handler Chris Racine
wilbur swimming
Pisgah Forest Swim